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0432 520 076

Suite 209, 30 The Kingsway

Cronulla, NSW 2230

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Monica Allan

Herbalist Iridologist 

Monica Allan is a Qualified Herbalist and Iridologist. With 17 years industry experience she is dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

She has special interests in Gut and Digestive health, Detoxification, Skin conditions, Emotional Wellbeing, Fertility and Women’s health, Thyroid concerns and Autoimmunity.

Using diagnostic tools like Iridology, she works with each client to individualise a unique protocol to suit their needs on diet and lifestyle. Herbal and nutritional supplements.

Monica is a compassionate listener and inspiring teacher and believes that even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Consultation Fees:

Initial 1 hour $140

Follow Up 40mins $100

Detailed Iridology and Health report $130

* Skype and phone consultations available after Initial consultation

Appointment times:

Thursday 10am-1pm


Advanced Diploma

Dorothy Hall College Herbal Medicine

Integrated Iridologist with Toni Miller

Contact Info:

Oh: 02 95259940

Mb: 0410469424

I hope this cover all of the areas required

Please contact me with any questions.

If you need another photo a I can forward that too you again if needed.

Thanks Kindly,

Monica Allan

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