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Our Cronulla Chiropractic team are pleased to welcome you to Bayside Chiropractic, our friendly family health and wellness clinic.

(02) 9523 9940
Suite 209, 30 The Kingsway
Cronulla, NSW 2230

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(02) 9523 9940

Suite 209, 30 The Kingsway

Cronulla, NSW 2230

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Corrimal Family Chiropractic Centre

Dr Brett Stevens (Chiropractor) is also available for consultations at Corrimal Family Chiropractic Centre during these days / hours.
Corrimal Family Chiropractic Centre
108 Railway Street
Corrimal, NSW, 2518
Day Hours
Tuesday 2:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Thursday 2:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Call Today: (02) 4284 8009

Offering ASYRA in Cronulla, Miranda and Caringbah

ASYRA-PRO What is ASYRA-PRO testing?

An electronic non-invasive, instrument that screens a patient’s energy system, complimented by decades of research.

How does it work?

Patients hold a probe in each hand, the ASYRA-PRO runs through thousands of pre-programmed energy frequencies that correspond to various physiological conditions.


How does it do that?

Every organ and tissue in the body has a measurable energy pattern, abnormal function is matched to natural substances to correct the distorted energy pattern.
If you’ve got a question about ASYRA-PRO, call your Cronulla Chiropractor today or send us an email.

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