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Hip Pain

Title: Hip Pain | Bayside Chiropractic

Description: Are you suffering from Hip pain? Looking for a reliable Chiropractor near you? Bayside Chiropractor has got you covered. Contact now! 

Body: Hip Pain is a common issue that can be caused by several reasons. The exact location of hip pain provides a clear clue about the fundamental cause of this condition. There are various causes to this problem, including joint infection, joint fracture, bursitis, arthritis, muscle strain, tendon strain, and others. All these causes related to your hip joint result in hip pain. This hip pain moves along the nerve and develops where the nerve ends.

Symptoms of Hip Pain 

When you are suffering from hip pain, you may experience discomfort in your:

  • Inside hip joint
  • Outside hip joint
  • Thigh 
  • Groin 
  • Buttocks 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hip Pain 

To diagnose the cause of this pain, an orthopedic surgeon or a primary health-care physician performs the medical history and a thorough examination on the patient. This examination involves X-ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and blood test.

The treatment plan of your hip pain condition depends on the diagnosis made by a medical specialist or Chiropractor. Depending on the cause and condition of the hip pain, the doctor makes a proper treatment plan to provide you the best assistance. This treatment plan may include a mixture of interventional treatment, including massage and manipulation with gentle and stretching exercises. Browse here for expert consultation and know more about this condition.

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