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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain |Bayside Chiropractic

Shoulder pain is a condition in which you feel difficulty in moving your shoulder and arm. If you don’t want to make this problem worse, consult a doctor immediately.

Your shoulder is the structure that allows you to move your arm freely in all directions. Shoulder pain is a condition in which you feel pain in and around your shoulder. This pain may cause discomfort and limited arm movement. It’s a common problem with several causes.


Cause of Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder pain occurs from issues in any part of the shoulder. More often, it develops when an individual has an accident or a bad fall. Some other injuries that can cause shoulder ache are fractures, separations, and dislocations. These injuries affect the soft tissues, bones, and joints of the shoulder and develop intense pain. Here are some symptoms of shoulder pain:

  • Numbness and weakness in the hand and arm 
  • Intense shoulder pain
  • Sudden swelling 
  • Inability to move the arm 


Treat Your Shoulder Pain

There are different types of shoulder pain and you may find a relevant solution to some of them at home. But, avoiding this pain can cost you more than what you’ve ever imagined. You need to visit a doctor immediately when the condition starts becoming worse. For example, when you experience difficulty in moving the arm and holding objects, you need the consultation of a Chiropractor.

A professional Chiropractor at Bayside Chiropractic examines you as well as the source of the pain properly to make a personalized treatment plan. Our treatment plan and chiropractic care provide you relief from your shoulder pain. Visit our specialist and get your shoulder back to its normal functioning state. 

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